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Depictions of sexual violence against children and adolescents are distributed every day via social networks, WhatsApp and Messenger, although the production and distribution of child pornography is a criminal offense worldwide. more

Conflicts and disputes are part of growing up – but if children or young people are systematically bullied, excluded or humiliated over a longer period of time, it is bullying. more

Almost everyone knows that moment of horror when it is noticed that the house key has been forgotten in the apartment! The excitement is particularly great when z. B. a toddler needs to be looked after, something is cooking on the stove or candles are burning. more

The police in Germany is the point of contact for all people who need help. Anyone, regardless of gender or origin, can contact the police. It will not be charged. more

If there is suspicion that a person infected with corona is deliberately spitting on, sneezing or coughing at other people, this can be dangerous bodily harm. more

In times of the spreading coronavirus, older people and people with previous illnesses in particular need support with everyday errands. But only seek help from people or organizations you trust. more

Immigrants are informed about the right to physical integrity and the protection of property in German, English and Arabic. Every victim of crime receives help from the police. more

A draft law is intended to punish hate, agitation and threats more severely and more effectively in the future. Social networks (e.g. Facebook / Instagram) should independently report hate postings to the Federal Criminal Police Office. more

Parents often carelessly publish pictures of their children on the Internet in order to let relatives and acquaintances share in special life moments. more

When it gets dark earlier in autumn, experience shows that the number of break-ins increases again. more

As an employee at a workplace with customer traffic or as a person who is in public, you can be confronted with people who want to aggressively raise and enforce their concerns. more

Fakeshops are fake online sales platforms through which the affected customers are deceived. After paying in advance or by credit card, the victims receive either no goods or goods of inferior quality. more

The number of children and adolescents violating the Narcotics Act with cannabis products rose alarmingly in 2018. more

In doxing, the perpetrator collects and publishes private, internet-based user data. It uses data that is easily accessible to everyone, such as B. Photos, phone number, email address, place of residence, job or date of birth to intimidate the victim. more

Are you traveling this holiday with a mobile home or caravan? Then use the tips from the police to make your travel pleasure safer. more

Again and again, counterfeit banknotes are brought into circulation that are not recognizable as such for most people.